Book Description

Book Title:        Làng Cũ Người Xưa

Author:             Tiền Vĩnh Lạc

Publisher:          TIEN LE Publisher

Year:                 2009

Language:         Vietnamese

ISBN:                978-0-9807224-1-3

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Làng Cũ Người Xưa is a recollection of the author, an eight-year-old school boy then (in 1930s) and now an elder in his late 70s (as of the writing of the book in 2004). The author recounts his everyday life and that of his country folks in the small village of An Nhon in South Vietnam.

The author’s memoirs of his childhood vividly and affectionately pictured the Vietnamese ways of living, working, communicating, entertaining, and celebrating traditional events. The village of An Nhon is portrayed throughout the book; it is also the image of Vietnam in the early years of the 20th century, embellished with the country’s rich culture, and in steady political, economic, and social evolutions.

The author’s generation will recognize themselves and young generations will discover their ancestors’ simple life at that time. mm