Nguyễn Đăng Thảo – Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang – Đàn Bầu / Độc Huyền / Monochord Việt Nam

Nguyen Dang Thao plays Vietnamese Monochord at his concert “Journey In Music” in Adelaide. Da Co Hoai Lang (Longing For Loved One) is a beautiful piece of Vietnamese classical music which was composed by Cao Van Lau (Sau Lau) (1892-1976) and arranged for the monochord and the ensemble by Dang Thao. According to difference sources, the song was compsed between 1917-1920. The song describes the love and fear of a woman for her husband who had been away for a long time at the front. She felt loneliness, unease and was worried whether he had still kept his love for her when he was living in a faraway place where he could be attracted by another beauty. The lyrics are the words of the wife to her husband: “Tu la tu phu tuong, Bao kiem sac phong len duong. Vao ra luong trong tin chang… Oi gan vang quan dau i a…” “Since we bid farewell – at the time when you received the commanding sword, I’m always longing for your news… When thinking of you, I feel a wrench in my heart…”