Vu Ky was born in Central Vietnam.  He has been a teacher, a writer, and a journalist.  More importantly, he has devoted his life’s work to a single cause, namely the fight for the independence and democracy of a Vietnam, free of Communism.  After seeing his native country fall into the hands of Communist invaders, he is now forced to live a life of exile in Europe.

The author of nearly 30 works of literature across a variety of genres, Vu Ky was recommended for a Nobel Prize in literature in 2003 by the United States branch of the Overseas Vietnamese Pen Club.  His impressive bibliography consists of research studies on literature and culture that are standard reference works in many libraries throughout Europe and the US. His oeuvre also comprises of essays and memories about the struggle  in which he has been held prisoner by various Vietnamese political regimes.

His book, “Vietnam Nostalgia,” is a collection of diverse and multifaceted reminiscences of the author’s experiences around the world.  It is the culmination of painful emotions where symbolic impressions bear witness to a missing and cherished past.  It is often said that a writer’s memory is like an exotic drink. It needs to be shaken well before guests arrive for cocktails. But Vu Ky doesn’t just rely on memory. The springboard for his creativity and thought is often simply the world around him.

Readers will find tortuous memoirs, cherished recollections of seemingly hopeless moments, spiritual journeys, political astonishments, swift reflections on how we live today, an exile’s nostalgia for his suffering home country, and his battle with memories that constantly threaten to fade.

Along with the writer’s inspiration, readers will be able to contemplate and comprehend his sentiments, as though peering into a colorful kaleidoscope, and glimpsing lonesome exile among scenery where the real and the unreal blend.

Nguyen Xuan Vinh, Ph.D.(Aero), D.Sc.(Math)

Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering

University of Michigan, USA

Laureate, Vietnam National Literature Award, 1961

Member, International Academy of Astronautics

Foreign Associate, National Academy of Air and Space, France