The work ofProfessor Vu Ky constitutes a body of scholarship that is infinitely valuable and useful to all of us. It advances the literature and culture of our country.

Father Cao Van Luan,

former President and Founder, University of Hue, Vietnam

– The writer has extracted and explained the works of Vietnamese writers and poets from the past to the present, characteristically analyzing the art of composition within them. These rich documents should be in every family library and used in every Vietnamese cultural program offered overseas.

Professor Nguyen Xuan Vinh, Ph.D.,

pen name Toan Phong,

Member, National Academy of French Space and Aviation;

Member, Institute of International Space;

and faculty member, University of Michigan, USA

I believe that all parents will be grateful to Professor Vu Ky for his contribution. The writings of this learned man merit serious reflection in the overseas setting.

Professor Nguyen Dinh Hoa,

Chair-person of Vietnamese Studies,

University of Illinois, USA

My hope is that the book ‘The Art of Literary Reading and Writing’ will be received like a bouquet of flowers from our country, that this bit of something will revive the souls in every Vietnamese family wandering about in foreign countries.

Professor Pham Cong Thien,

former Dean, School of Literature and Humanities,

University of Van Hanh, Saigon, Vietnam;

former lecturer on Occidental Philosophy,

Toulouse University, France;

current teacher of Buddhist Studies,

College of Buddhism, Los Angeles, USA

– ‘The Art of Literary Reading and Writing’ is a potent weapon that the Vietnamese dispersed throughout 40 countries in the world can employ in the battle to maintain and protect their mother tongue against the merciless onslaught by foreign, materialistic civilization.

Pham Kim Vinh,

Professor of Press, Political Science, and Law Studies;

Advisor on multi-ethnic culture, North California, USA

-Here I would like to re-state my most sincere congratulations to Professor Vu Ky for having his book republished and in turn, bringing further distinction to Vietnamese literature. With my best wishes for the professor’s continued success. His work is indeed very worthwhile.

Professor Gustave Meillon,

Member, French Overseas Science Academy;

Manager, Institute of Indochinese Studies, Paris, France

We believe this book would be a worthy addition to every school’s library. It will not only be a great source of reference for students and researchers, it will also contribute to the expansion of the rich and vibrant Vietnamese culture in the United States.

Venerable Thich Giac Luong,

Director, Nguon Song (Life Source) Magazine, USA

– ‘Nghe thuat Viet Van va Doc Van’ (The Art of Literary Writing and Reading) and ‘Luan Cuong ve Van hoa Viet Nam’ (An Analytical Study of Vietnamese Culture) have been updated and widely accepted as basic material for researchers and students of Vietnamese culture throughout the ages. The fifth section of the second book (about ‘Dissident literature in Vietnam’) and sixth section (about ‘Literature of Vietnamese immigrants’) are of particular interest.

 They provide a masterful description of the current state of literature inside Vietnam and out, and points to a global reform of culture and education in post-Communist Vietnam.

These two books are only best sellers but veritable acts of faith by a patriot and an expert.

Dr. Lam Le Trinh,

Publicist and Educator,

Editor, Human Rights/Droits de l’Homme, France

– ‘The Art of Literary Writing and Reading’ in an outstanding work from heart and mind. The author’s extensive knowledge of ancient and modern, eastern and western arts of writing is presented through the lens of his wholehearted personal experience giving to this highly technical book an exceptional dimension, an easy access and an incomparable source of inspiration for students and researchers.

Pham Xuan Dai,

Editor, The Ky 21 (21st Century) Magazine, USA

Vu Ky was an eminent professor in his homeland for many decades prior to 1975. His valuable works in literature and in pedagogy have for aim: highlight, preserve, and promote the Vietnamese Tradition and Culture in Vietnam and abroad.

Trong Minh,

Author, ‘Ve Vang Dan Viet’ (The Pride of the Vietnamese),

Rick Murphy Edition, 2002, California, USA